Computer Engineering News

NSF Grant

Title: Enhancing Security Education through Transiting Research on Security in Emerging Network Technologies
PI: Young Hee Park, Co-PI: Xiao Su
Amount of fund for SJSU: $120,832.00

Project Overview: This project will advance the knowledge of cybersecurity education by creating hands-on labs and curriculum on SDN/NFV. The course materials, along with nine hands-on labs, will aim to increase the educational resources for cybersecurity, particularly for security in new networking technologies. Further, this project will advance the usability and effectiveness of using a cloud-based open laboratory to support hands-on labs on SDN/NFV security. 
August 2017

Textbook Publications

Electronics for Embedded Systems
Ahmet Bindal
Publication Year 2017

Fundamentals of Computer Architecture and Design
Ahmet Bindal
Publication Year 2017
August 2017

Silicon Valley StartUp Cup Business Model Competition Announce Top 12 Semi-Finalists

American Innovative Imaging Solutions (AIIS), AREVEA INC, Blooms Privé, Charlotte Truffles, Chef Koochooloo, Krishna Knowledge Services LLC, Luana, Lucross Holdings, Inc, MAEV, SmartPark, Travel Tiger, and WaterEfficientGarden.

SmartPark, Sameer Saran

The Top 12 Semi-Finalists will present their refined business model and give a five-minute pitch during the next Judging Round on September 7th after they have worked with coaches to polish their business models and pitches July 6th and August 10th. Following the September Judging Round, the judges will identify the seven best business models. The seven finalists will then work with coaches who will offer resources and expertise to help hone their business model and pitching techniques, which will be presented to the Judging Panel on October 26th.

The seven finalists will compete for First Place, which will be announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week on Wednesday, November 15th at an Awards Ceremony and Celebration at Cupertino Community Hall in Cupertino.
June 2017

New Tenure-Track Faculty Starting Fall 2017

Ribal Atallah
  • Ph.D., Concordia University, 2017
  • Research interest: machine learning and its applications in vehicular networking
Sanket Savarageri
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2014
  • Research interest: parallel compiler, high performance computing in big data
Gheorghi Guzun
  • Ph.D., The University of Iowa, 2016
  • Research interest: Data analysis and exploration, large-scale indexing, information retrieval and machine learning
May 2017

California Energy Commission Grant

Co-PI: Hyeran Jeon
Title: Enabling Energy Efficient Data Centers in Smart Power Distribution Systems
Amount of fund for SJSU: $258,609

Project Overview: This proposal aims to improve the energy efficiency of data centers in three levels; 1) data server level, 2) data center level, and 3) across data centers level. Out of these three levels, SJSU will develop data center level energy efficient solution. The proposed ideas will be developed and demonstrated in SJSU data center.
April 2017

College of Engineering Award Recipients

Applied Materials Award for Excellence in Teaching: Magdalini Eirinaki
Donald Beall-Rockwell Award for Engineering Accomplishment: Rizen Yamauchi
April 2017

2017 SJSU student research competition winners

Kunal Goswami (advisor: Younghee Park)
Maryam Runiassy (advisor: Weider Yu)
April 2017

Computer Engineering Showcase Lab ENG 487

After two years’ work, Computer Engineering’s showcase and collaboration lab was opened April 4th. The lab successfully hosted students, parents and guests on Admitted Spartans Day 4/8.
April 2017

Juniper Networks - SDN and Network Automation Student Competition

Thirty students from various universities, including CSU East Bay, Carnegie Mellon, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University and UC Santa Cruz, participated in the competition, spanning from February 21-28, 2017. Participants applied their learnings and worked in teams to create solutions that addressed a real-world network automation challenge.

1st Place - Sandeep Kumar Chawan, Linh Phan, Bandavya Shunti Jayappa (advisor: Kaikai Liu)
2nd Place - Kunal Goswami, Keyur Golani, Kalgi Bhatt (advisor: Younghee Park)
February 2017

14th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems Best Demo- Runner Up

The 14th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2016) at Stanford (Nov 14-16) is a highly selective, single-track, top conference on systems issues of sensors and sensor-enabled smart systems. The ACM SenSys 2016 at Stanford included 23 peer reviewed and highly selective demos across the world including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, Columbia University, Wisconsin-Madison, GE Research, ETH Zurich, Zhejiang University.

The photos when Prakash did the presentation at the stage are accessible here; the photos when Prakash demoed his system are here. Another CMPE student (Luwen Miao) also presented his project at the conference.
November 2016

International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics ’2016 Next-generation Data Scientist (NGDS) Award

David Anastasiu, an assistant professor at the San José State University, USA received the DSAA’2016 Next-generation Data Scientist (NGDS) Award, the first awardee in this prestigious NGDS award. The NGDS award is to promote the fostering of new-generation of data scientists for data innovation, economy, profession and education. David also received USD1000 as honorarium.
October 2016

International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics ’2016 Best Research Paper Award

Paper title: Efficient Identification of Tanimoto Nearest Neighbors, DSAA'2016.
Authors: David C. Anastasiu and George Karypis
October 2016

NSF Grant

Title: Collaborative research: a technology pathway program in data technology and applications
PI: Kaikai Liu, Co-PI: Jerry Gao, Younghee Park, Frances L. Edwards.

This award is expected to total $199,921.
October 2016

NSF Grant

Title: Collaborative research: a technology pathway program in data technology and applications
PI: B. Wei, Co-PI: Xiao Su, Amy Strage, David Schuster

This award is expected to total $482,106.
October 2016