Department Highlights

The MS in Computer Engineering program provides students with an educational experience that combines electrical engineering and computer science with the best of academia, the high-tech industry, and the Silicon Valley. The high-tech industry increasingly requires engineers to be equipped with both hardware and software development knowledge and skills. The program provides in-class theory with hands-on hardware design and software development exercises to give students the skills necessary to create contemporary microelectronic products that are typically embedded computing systems containing both hardware and software. Graduates with an MS in Computer Engineering can expect to find significant opportunities in digital and computer hardware design and verification, system-level software development, and prototyping and testing as well as technical support and marketing.
  • Founding member of the national Cybersecurity Research Center (TRUST) and of the NISA Center
  • World finalist team in the Microsoft Embedded Systems Challenge
  • Supported by Intel, Cadence, Xilinx, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, BEA, IBM, Microsoft, and more