Probation, Disqualification and Leave of Absence


A graduate student will be placed on probation if his/her Overall SJSU GPA falls below 3.0.  Students on probation must make an appointment with the MS CMPE graduate advisor.


A graduate student on probation will be disqualified if he/she fails to achieve a 3.0 or higher semester GPA.   For the time being, the Computer Engineering Department does not process reinstatement requests via Program of Study.

Leave of Absence 

A student will lose his/her active status if the student does not take any course for two consecutive semesters. Students must file a Leave of Absence Form prior to the first semester of leave to avoid losing active status while on leave. Otherwise, the student must reapply to the university to regain active status. Policy about leaves of absence can be found at the Attendance and Policy FAQs section on the university registrar website at and on the GAPE website at