Some of the forms date from the time when we were using Social Security numbers. If you use such a form, please enter the Student ID instead.

Graduate Program Forms

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Graduation Application Packet for BS Computer and Software Engineering

Guidelines and Samples

CMPE Major Forms

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    Click University Undergraduate Forms to obtain the following list of forms:

    • Academic Renewal
    • Change of Major
    • Graduation Application
    • Late Drop
    • Course Substitution
    • Audit Option
    • Excess Units Petition
    • Late Enrollment
    • Leave Requests
    • Reinstatement Petition

    Click University Graduate Forms to obtain the following list of forms:

    • Candidacy Forms
    • Change of Major Application
    • Course Substitution Form
    • Transfer Credit Forms
    • Graduation Forms
    • Seven Year Limit Forms
    • Thesis Guidelines

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