BS + MS Blended Program

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This is an accelerated program that provides a means for academically excellent upper-division students to complete MS CMPE graduate studies concurrently with the completion of the BS degree.


Some features of the program are:

  • The time to BS+MS CMPE graduation is typically reduced by 1 or 2 semesters compared to students who complete the two degrees as separate programs.
  • It allows a simplified application process to the graduate program without having to go through the application process at the Admissions Office, e.g. no GRE scores are required.
  • It allows concurrent enrollment in courses that will apply to the BS degree, along with courses that will apply to the MS degree.
  • It allows a common project for fulfillment of both the Master’s Project and the Senior Project.


Students majoring in BS Computer Engineering are eligible to apply to the BS+MS program if they meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a registered SJSU student majoring in Computer Engineering
  • Completion of all lower division requirements, including both GE and major requirements
  • Completion of at least 95 but no more than 120 units towards the major (including required GE) at the end of semester when the application is submitted
  • Completion of a minimum of 12 upper division major units with B or better in each class
  • Not completed or concurrently enrolled in CMPE195A
  • Maintained above 3.0 in cumulative GPA, of the last 60 units, and in major GPA overall
  • Not declared in another second major

Faculty members may nominate students. In this case, the student will typically be working with the nominating faculty member on a project activity. Students must apply to the BS+MS program prior to selection and enrollment in the Senior Project. A single project is normally used to fulfill both Senior Project and Master's Project, and selection of an appropriate project is very important.  

Application to the Program

Application forms for the BS+MS Accellerated Program are available from the CMPE Department Office. You do not need to take the GRE test, or pay any fee for the application to this program.

Submit the application directly to the CMPE Department Office.

Application deadline:

  • May 1, for admission in Fall semester.
  • December 1, for admission in Spring semester.

What to Submit for Admission to the Program

Submit the following documents to the department office:

  • Your Application
  • Application Review Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • GE checklist
  • Completed BS Major Form (no signature needed)
  • Calculated total number of units towards your BS degree (see sample worksheet
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (forms is here)
  • Unofficial SJSU Transcript
  • Copy of Transcripts from other Colleges and Equivalency Forms (for Courses Not Articulated)
  • Application to Transition to Graduate Status Form (if you will reach 120 units by the end of the semester, when you submit your application)

Transition to Graduate Status

You must apply to transition to graduate status during the semester when your total number of units towards the major (including both GE and major units) will reach 120 units. Failure to apply for transition in a timely manner will result in your disqualification from the program.

Application Deadline:

  • March 1, if your total number of units towards the major will reach 120 at the end of the Spring semester
  • October 1, if your total number of units towards the major will reach 120 at the end of the Fall semester

What to Submit for Transition to Graduate Status:

To apply, please submit the following documents:

Special Notes:

  • You can continue to take undergraduate classes after transitioning to graduate status. However, after your transition to graduate status, no lower division classes will count towards your undergraduate degree.  No grade forgiveness for undergraduate classes will be granted.
  • You will pay graduate level fees. If, for any reason, you switch back to undergraduate status, the difference in fees will NOT be funded.
  • Once in graduate status, you are not eligible for some types of financial aid support. For details, you can check with Financial Aid office.

Ready to Graduate?

  • Students in this program shall complete requirements of both the BS and MS programs and submit graduation paperwork for both programs, in a timely manner to allow sufficient processing and evaluation time at university offices.
  • Students must prepare undergraduate major form packet with their undergraduate advisors and graduate candidacy form with graduate advisors, at least one year prior to their expected graduation date.
  • You should use the major form designed for the blended program students only (see major form section). On your major form, use bold font for your technical electives and senior project courses and add a footnote that "these courses also appear in the MS candidacy form."
  • Students should work with the BS+MS program coordinator to make sure that both the major form packet and the graduate candidacy form are submitted to the correct university offices.


  • Before your status is changed to graduate status, you should see your undergraduate advisor for advance registration advising. Bring your degree progress report and unofficial transcirpt when you see your advisor.
  • For graduate program related matters, you should see graduate advisor for advising.
  • For other questions related to the blended program, see program coordinator.