Advance Registration/Advising Hold Removal


Undergraduate Students - Academic Advising Holds

All undergraduate students please try our new online advance registration process.

The Computer Engineering Department has improved the process for students to enter their academic advising information on-line. This new on-line process has been devised primarily for students to avoid/reduce the advising wait times.

It is important that you enter your information correctly and completely. Students can only enter their information one time per semester, please be sure to follow the instructions and do it correctly the first time.

Before you click the online advance registration form link, please be prepared with the following information:

1) your CURRENT course history downloaded from and saved as a pdf file
1. Log into
2. Click on “My Academics” under “Academics” tab
3. Click on “View my course history”
4. Go to the print page option for your browser
5. Change printer to “Save as PDF”
6. Save the PDF file with the following file naming convention - SID-Lastname.pdf (ex. 008765432-Smith.pdf)
7. View the PDF to ensure it is complete and shows ALL grades and courses taken

2) review the course prerequisite charts AND your MyPlanner (found on MySJSU) to select your desired courses for Spring 2021  
3) if you are planning to take a technical elective for next semester, please review the lists below and check the prerequisites for each course you wish to take to see if you are eligible.
        SE Technical Electives

4) if you are eligible, please plan when you will take the WST:"
Online Advance Registration Form (available now)
Students can only enter their information one time per semester (no edits or duplicate entries will be allowed)

Please note: If you enter your information in the online form and receive an email response to meet with your advisor, please do so ASAP!

Advising hours
FROSH and Transfer students - If you are having trouble with the online form, or aren't sure what courses to take, please stop by the CMPE office to pick up a printed copy of the Advance Registration form (or print it from the department website), along with a printed copy of your course history from and then meet with your advisor during their advising hours.


Fall 2019 newly admitted Undergraduate and Graduate Students - Advising Holds
If you are a new student (accepted in Fall 2019), you are also required to complete 2 online courses for Sexual Assault Prevention and Alcohol Education - for more information on these required courses please visit:
Please complete these required courses ASAP, as it may take a few WEEKS for this hold to be removed upon completion.


ALL Students - Are you having trouble registering for courses?

There may be several reasons you are not able to enroll in your desired course. Below are some possible reasons:
1) Verify your advance registration time in
2) Do you have any holds on your account?
3) Have you completed all of your pre-requisites for the course?
4) Are you enrolled in another course that may have a time conflict?
5) Are you repeating the course?

6) Area you already enrolled in another section of the same course?

If all else fails, please attend the first day(s) of class and talk to your instructor about obtaining a permission number to register for the course. For additional information about registration issues please visit's waitlist - registration issues page.