Fall 2020 Registration Notes


Class sections with department consent

With the exception of CMPE 295A and CMPE 294, class sections are listed with department consent due to one of the two reasons: (1) the department is finalizing instructor assignment for the classes; (2) the class (or the lab) section may not be offered, pending on demand. Please register the class (or lab) sections that are not on department consent.

Permission number request during advance registration

If you have taken classes equivalent to the prerequisite requirements to some classes that you plan to take in Fall  2020, the registration system will not let you sign up for those classes. Please complete this form here and
email it along with the required documentation to undergradadvisor-cmpe-se@sjsu.edu.
Note: This form is only used during advance registration and before the first day of instruction.

Fall 2020 Online permission number request (during late registration)


Registration for classes will be closed on August 17th and 18th and you cannot drop or add classes. With the beginning of classes on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, registration will open again for late registration. During late registration, you can freely drop classes but adding a class requires a permission number from the class instructor. The only way to request a permission number for a class is via the Google Form at link below (available later): 



To use the form, you must log into Google using your sjsu.edu email address then complete the log in using SJSUone with your student ID and password.

Please do not email your instructors or advisors to lobby for a permission number. Your email will not give you an advantage. Instructors and the department will work as quickly as possible to distribute permission numbers where class seats are available.


Variable Waitlist Unit Limit

A new process will replace the current practice of using a google sheet, shared with department chairs, to request an adjustment to the waitlist unit limit (WUL) for undergraduates. Please review the new process on the Registrar's website here.