Fall 2020 Registration Notes

Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester. Note that all class registration has stopped for Monday and Tuesday, August 17 and 18, 2020. Registration will resume on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Please note the following two items about classes.

Visiting Classes that You Are Not Enrolled In

If you are not enrolled in a class but would like to preview it during the first class meetings, you can visit the index of all Canvas classes at https://sjsu.instructure.com/courses/ and search for the class you want to attend. Note that the instructor of the class must make the class visible, include the class in the public course index, and publish the Canvas class before you will be able to see the class. It is up to the instructor to make the class visible.

Requesting Permission Numbers

Due to the change in waitlist policy for Fall 2020, the Computer Engineering Department Permission Number System for requesting permission numbers used in past semesters will not be deployed for the Fall 2020 semester. Instead, you can enroll in a class that has available seats or add your name to a waitlist if the class has reached capacity. Note that you can add your name to only one waitlist. This change will be effective until Thursday, August 27th (11:59 pm).  Subsequently, you must request a permission number by sending an email to the class instructor. In your email, you must state the reason for your permission number request, if you meet the class prerequisite requirements, and if you are enrolled in another section of the same class.

Class sections with department consent

With the exception of CMPE 295A and CMPE 294, class sections are listed with department consent due to one of the two reasons: (1) the department is finalizing instructor assignment for the classes; (2) the class (or the lab) section may not be offered, pending on demand. Please register the class (or lab) sections that are not on department consent.

Variable Waitlist Unit Limit

A new process will replace the current practice of using a google sheet, shared with department chairs, to request an adjustment to the waitlist unit limit (WUL) for undergraduates. Please review the new process on the Registrar's website here.