Major Probation

  • Major Probation Potential Outcomes:
    • Due to low major GPA:
      • Overall Major GPA ≥ 2.0: removed from Major Probation
      • Overall Major GPA < 2.0 but Term Major GPA ≥ 2.0: continued Major Probation
      • Overall Major GPA < 2.0 and Term Major GPA < 2.0: subject to Major Disqualification
    • Due to lack of progress, it depends on progress (if any) in Major
    • Due to multiple repeats:
      o Passing repeated course: removed from Major Probation
      o Failing after 3rd repeat (4th attempt): DQed from major
      o Failing 2nd repeat of another CMPE/SE/CS course: DQed


  • Major Probation Consequences:
    • If you are on Major probation (whether the reason is for low major GPA or lack of progress), you could be DISQUALIFIED for the same reason or the other reason
    • Major changed to “Undeclared”.
    • If your semester major GPA < 2.0 & your overall major GPA < 2.0, you will be DQed
    • If you do not make progress in the major, you will be DQed
    • If you fail after 3rd  repeat of any major class or fail 2nd repeat of
      multiple major classes, you will be DQed from major.