Cybersecurity Certificates Program


The Computer Engineering program offers an 18-unit certificate program to students seeking career opportunities in cyber security. The program aligns with the nationally defined knowledge areas and prepares the students with well-grounded fundamentals to become a professional in cyber security. Please note that this certificate program is for only SJSU undergraduate students only.

Course Requirements                                                                   Unit

CMPE 130. Advanced Algorithm Design                                           3
CMPE 132. Information Security                                                     3
CMPE 138. Database Systems I                                                      3
CMPE 142. Operating Systems Design                                             3
CMPE 148. Computer Networks I                                                    3
SE 158B. Computer Network Management                                       3

Total Units:                                                                                 18

If you have any questions:

Please contact our coordinator for Cybersecurity Certificates, Professor Younghee Park.
The Application form can be download here

Here are the requirements that you need to know.

1. You must be currently enrolled students at SJSU. Only the SJSU students can apply for this certificate before graduation or after graduation.
2. You need to finish the six core courses to apply for the cybersecurity certificate. (CMPE 132 is equivalent to CS 166.)
3. If you meet the requirement of the six core courses, you need to fill out the application form. Email Monica Serna at undergradadvisor-cmpe-se[at]sjsu[dot]edu with your transcript and the form. Your application form will be reviewed by the department and forwarded to the Registrar's office for further processing.
4. Students can take either CMPE 181 or CMPE 182 to substitute SE 158B starting Fall 19.
5. Starting Fall 21, students can also take CMPE 183 to substitute CS/SE 158B.