Sheng-Liang Song

Sheng-Liang Song joined SJSU as an Part-Time lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering in Spring 2017. His research interests include Low Energy Mobile Embedded Computing, High Performance Cloud Distributed Computing, and Software-Defined Storage, Computing and Networking.

Currently, he is a full-time software engineer at Amazon Aurora team in Palo Alto.  He taught Embedded Firmware Essential for UCSC Extension for 3+ years.  He had 16+ years working experiences at Cisco Systems, Bay Microsystems, Link-A-Media, Broadcom, Google, and Amazon.  Through years, he got his hands on network diagnostics, network processors, solid state flash controller, DDR memory controller, Chrome OS Firmware, user space package switch, and Aurora Mysql.   He holds a bachelor of EECS from UC Berkeley and a master in computer science from San Jose University.

Courses taught at SJSU

* Spring 2017: CMPE200: Computer Architecture