Test for new graduate students

Spring 2020 registration is now closed. Fall 2020 challenge exam registration will be open the week of July 20th, 2020. Please plan ahead to register on time

Subject Test Information
  • Subject test registration will close 3 calendar days before each test.  You will receive a confirmation email once you have registered for each test.  If you do not receive an email, your registration did not go through. You MUST register for tests using the above link.
  • You must bring a valid ID; i.e., Tower card, passport, driver's license OR other government issued photo identification.
  • Only pens, pencils, erasers and rulers are allowed to be on the test tables.
  • These are closed book and closed note tests. Technical data sheets will be provided if needed.
  • The questions for all tests can be a combination of multiple choice and problem solving.
  • The Object-Oriented Programming Test includes programming questions.
  • Without a proof of medical reason, a student will fail the test if s/he leaves the room during the exam.
  • Each of these 3-unit CMPE 180 classes covers the subject matter including the test scope.
  • If you fail a class, you can take the class again. However, you can not take the test if you have already failed the class (except CMPE 50).
  • You should visit this site often in order to be aware of the latest information.
  • If you miss a scheduled test, you can take the test in the following semester, or enroll into the corresponding class in the current semester.
  • You can take a specific test only once.