Project Expo

Student Project Exposition, Summer 2017

Date: Friday, August 11, 2017
6:00-8:00 pm 
Engineering Room 487, SJSU

The event is free and pre-registration is not required for attendees


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Why You Should Attend...

  • Network with friends, classmates, and professors
  • See all the exciting projects
  • See new entrepreneurial ideas
  • Discover new talent for hire
  • Learn about the the latest things happening in the Computer Engineering department

Past Expos

Summer 2017 Masters Projects (On-Campus)
Advisor Students Program-Spec Team# Project Title
Ananthaiah, Spoorthy Patel, Mohit MSSE-CCV G01 Making Doctors Digital
Chauhan, Yogesh MSSE-CCV
Singh, Jagmohan MSSE-EST
Eswar, Badari Kulkarni, Vishnu MSCMPE-NS G02 Indian Movie Information System [IMIS]
Srinivasan, Badrinarayanan MSCMPE-NS
Mullunja Ramakrishna, Karthikeya MSCMPE-NS
Kshama Shalini, FNU MSCMPE-NS G03 Campus mApp
Narayana, Saketh Sai MSCMPE-ES
Pal, Akhil MSCMPE-NS
Davu, Apoorva  MSCMPE-NS
Jeon, Hyeran Balakuntla Ramesh, Vishwanath MSCMPE-ES G04 Acceleration of Deep Learning Framework on a Programmable SoC
Bhimanapalli, Jaswanth MSCMPE-ES
Krishnamurthy, Mridula MSCMPE-NS
Sirigireddy, Sucharitha MSCMPE-ES
Vo, Andrew MSCMPE-ES G05 Indoor Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance using LiDAR and Computer Vision
Grantham, James MSCMPE-ES
Panganiban, Eric MSCMPE-ES
Leung, Elton MSCMPE-ES
Li, Hungwen Zhang, Renlong MSSE-EST G06
E-street Parking System
Wang, Meng MSCMPE-NS
Yeh, Mengche MSCMPE-NS
Zhou, Zhixuan MSCMPE-ES
Liu, Kaikai Dahiya, Navdeep MSSE-EST G07 Off-Grid Communication using IoT
Viswanathan, Swarna  MSSE-EST
Parmar, Neha MSSE-EST
Vootla, Rohith Reddy  MSSE-EST G08 Assistive Search and Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
DeLoren, Brigitte MSCMPE-SDV
Sagir, Saar MSCMPE-SDV
Mak, Ron Sheshadri, Shruthi MSSE-CCV G09 Big Data Analytics in Healthcare - Heart Rate Monitoring
Kalaskar, Vinayak Kalaskar MSSE-EST
venkataswamy sampathkumar, vishnu ram MSCMPE-NS
Park, Young Datta, Rakesh MSSE-CCV G10 P4Guard: A target-independent and platform-agnostic virtual firewall for the SDN framework
Sinn, Richard Badlani, Devashish MSSE-SSE G11 Smart secure door bell with real-time face recognition
Parikh, Pujan MSSE-CCV
Pereira, Raveen MSSE-EST
Senapathi, Venkata Bharadwaj MSSE-CCV
Vuppalapati, Chandra Arora, Sonika MSSE-EST G12 Alexa’s assistance for speech impaired people
Kadakia, Ruchit Tushar MSSE-EST
Jaiswal, Amitesh MSSE-EST
Kangokar, Shruti MSSE-SSE
Zhang, Charles Vadhera, Shubham MSSE-EST G13 Litter Reporting
Dafle, Sagar Chandrakant MSSE-EST
Guru, Raghavendra Ramakrishnaiah MSSE-EST
Narendra Bhargav, Skanda MSSE-EST
Muscr, Preetham MSSE-CCV G14 SociALL Event Based Social Connection
goel, tejaswi MSCMPE-NS
Bangalore Ramesh, Girish MSCMPE-NS
Reddyvari, Lokesh MSCMPE-NS
Jia, Yuanyuan MSSE-CCV G15 Housing Search API and Application
Chen, Jiongfeng MSSE-EST
Danyang, Zhang MSSE-EST
Zand Moghaddam, Yassaman MSSE-CCV

Summer 2017 Senior Projects  
Advisor Students Program Team# Project Title
Lin, Frank  Quan Lau, Jose  BSCMPE  U01 Smart Juggling Balls
Jea, Alexander  BSCMPE
Phan, Justin  BSCMPE
Pedruco, Anton BSCMPE
Smith, Jason BSCMPE
Li, Harry  Lan, Chen  BSCMPE U02 Virtual Reality through a Designed Module to Wirelessly Stream and Display the Reality
Dangcil, Michael Josh  BSCMPE
Simon, Dennis  BSCMPE
Peng, Chris  BSSE
Medel, James  BSCMPE